This is a pin club FAQ dedicated to explaining how my pin club works. So please read this before joining so there is no confusion


How the pin club Works

* How does your pin club work, If I want to stay awhile?

My pin club charges up front and then charges everyone on the 1st of the following month if you continue your pledge. Which means you pay for the current promoted pin AND if you continue to be a member you are charged again on the first of the following month. * So it works like this * 1. You pay upfront & join the club in June 2. You enjoy the club rewards. 3. Come July 1st you are charged your member fee again and entitling you to July's pin bundle.

* How does your pin club work ig I want one pin??

If you are looking to only get a single pin bundle, be sure to cancel or pause your pledge before the next month begins.


* Why do I have to pay Upfront?

Unfortunately during my time of running my club I have experienced theft of unpublished product designs & more of my content. That wasn't fair to my club members or myself so due to that I implemented everyone to pay upfront ♥

* How does Payment Works?

If you're interested in supporting my work and receiving exclusive content, select a tier that you wish to pledge based on the rewards you’d like to receive. New patrons will be charged upfront for that month and then all following charges take place on the 1st of every month. You can change your tier or cancel your pledge at any time!


*When do you ship out your pins?

I try my best to ship out my pins after the 10th of every month. Sadly I got quite behind when I got scammed by on old enamel pin manufacturer but I am working hard to change it back! I appreciate your patience dearly & dont hestiate to contact me about your bundle here ( =0 w 0= ) ♥

Pause/Delete Pledge

Not getting Emails

*Im not getting the club emails?

Be sure to check out your email settings here


* Physical rewards

If you select the Sun Goddess or Sky Goddess ( Enamel Pin Club ) tier you will receive a limited edition print, enamel pin & sticker in the mail that will be shipped by yours truly. Rewards will typically ship out roughly the 12th-15th of the following month to allow payments to successfully process and to allow me to get an accurate count. ( Example: June’s pin bundle would ship out in July )

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Here at chenxira, your privacy is very important to me. I will never sell, bid or redistribute your information. Ever