♡ Welcome to my club FAQ's ♡
Please read everything over, as it'll give you a great idea of how I do things and how the club works!


♡ Shipping

♡ When do you ship out your pins? ♡

Pins begin shipping the second week of every month! I keep everyone updated about how shipping is going, and if there are any delays you will be notified! ( =0 w <= ) It usually takes me and my partner a week to ship out rewards. Once the rewards have been shipped, you will get apost notification telling you they have gone out!

♡ Will I receive tracking? ♡

Unfortunately, due to costs, only US + Canadian packages in my shop are tracked. These tracking numbers will not be sent out as Patreon does not allow that integration. I will send inquired tracking information if inquired & help as much as possible to assist you!

♡ When will my pin arrive? ♡

Packages ship out of my little home studio in Albany, NY Once your package has been sent, here is an estimation of shipping duration: Canada - 3 - 10 working days United States - 5 - 15 working days Everywhere Else - 7 - 30 working days Remember that working days exclude weekends & holidays! NOTE: Be sure to add 8 to 15 days onto all shipping duration due to the Plandemic

♡ Can I combine my patreon & order from your online shop to ship together? ♡

The shop and the pin club ship on seperate platforms and systems, so I am unable to combine them! Since all of the packages in the club contain the same items, it would be way too much work for me to single out and customize pin club packages, and I wouldn't be able to handle it! Thank you so dearly for wanting to support me on both patreon and my shop though - I love youuu (( => w <+ )) ♥

♡ My package hasn't arrived after the estimated number of working days, what do I do? ♡

I can definitely look into it for you and confirm your package has gone out, or notify you if I am aware of any delays! You can contact via this form: https://www.chenxira.com/c-o-n-t-a-c-t This is the only place inquiries will be taken. Please do not use patreon messanger, as it SUCKS & it is harder for me to keep track of these messages. Please do not comment order inquiries. Thank you! Please include your full name, and full address, including your country, to help us help you quicker! ^^

♡ My payment has gone through after the shipment window, will I still get my package? ♡

When your payment misses the shipment window, it is your responsibility to notify me! I'm more than happy to send you your goods, but keep in mind that I am taking care of both my online store and hundreds of patreon packages each month, and I'm not able to check in on every individual person! I take great care to make sure that you are notified of your payment declining, and provide help as to how to rectify the problem. In order to keep everything running smoothly, please respect my time as well as an independant artist!

♡ Pause/Unsubscribing from your Pledge

♡ Pausing and or Leaving your membership Subscription

Here is step-by-step process oh how to pausing/deleting your Chen Pinclub Sub ♥ Please follow the link HERE

♡ Not getting Emails

♡ Im not getting the club emails?

Be sure to check out your email settings here

♡ Rewards

♡ Physical rewards

If you select the Sun Goddess or Sky Goddess ( Enamel Pin Club ) tier you will receive a limited edition print, enamel pin & sticker in the mail that will be shipped by yours truly. Rewards will typically ship out roughly the 12th-15th of the following month to allow payments to successfully process and to allow me to get an accurate count. ( Example: June’s pin bundle would ship out in July )

♡ Rewards Inquiries

All inquiries regarding shipments need to be emailed to me directly. Public comments regarding your orders will be deleted, as your private information cannot be discussed in a public forum.

♡ What happens if my pin bundle arrives damaged? ♡

Although rare, it is possible that you may get sent an item with a defect that slipped past my quality control, or your item may have gotten damaged during transit. If this is the case, you can email me at chenxira@yahoo.com with a 2 - 3 photos to recieve a replacement!

♡ What happens if my print/sticker arrives damaged? ♡

Prints and stickers included in your packages are considered freebie items, and if they are damaged during transit they will not be replaced. I add extra cardboard to packages in effort to protect all prints & stickers + my mailers are bubble lined kraft envelopes. Prints and stickers being bent in transit is a very unlikely occurrence, but if it does happen I am more than happy to send a replacement as long as the shipping fee is covered!

♡ How to update my Address?

♡ How to update your address

Changing your Address Please be sure to make your addresses up to date and accurate. Doing so will greatly eliminate the chances of me sending your sweet rewards to another house. ( Last month was a bit of a fiasco with unchanged address. . . O ~ O! ) Head over here if you dont know how to change your addresses ♥

♡ Welcome

Welcome Loves ♡

Thank you so much for joining the club!! ♡ With your monthly subscription, not only do you receive exclusive rewards every month at a severely discounted price, but you're also supporting me and my ability to keep creating and making new things! You're the best! (( =0 w 0= )) ♡

♡ How my club Works

♡ How things work

My pin club works in the same method as preorders do! You sign up & pay for a theme upfront, and then your subscription bundle shipped the following month. At the beginning of every month, I announce the theme and you can decide to stay or leave depending on if you would like to receive the gifts! You can always see which theme we are on by the pinned post! Throughout the month, I often do polls and ask for suggestions on which designs or themes you'd like me to create! You can always lay low, but it's way more fun to have you guys included in the design process! It makes me feel as though we made things together! Here is an example of how things work: It's September! The upcoming theme for October is announced! To receive these rewards, you have to subscribe during SEPTEMBER. You can sign up at any time during September. Once charged in September, you will automatically be added to the list of patrons to receive their rewards. Once I have packed up your orders, you will receive a post notifications letting you know when all the packages have been shipped! Packages are not tracked, and you will not get a personalized email like you would on my online store! ( > x < ) You receive your rewards and treasure them forever, and everybody thinks you're the cutest in town for having the most adorable pins ever! (( => w <= )) ♥ PLEASE NOTE: Subscription will auto-renew every month until you unsubscribe. If you subscribe once, you are here until you opt-out! Once you are charged, I am unable to offer refunds or cancellations after the 1st of each month and if your payment has processed. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to cancel their payment. If you wish to cancel, your cancellation must be completed before the charge date. Thank you for understanding!

♡ Secret Shop + Discount Codes

★ Secret Shops + Discounts ★

Patreon exclusive store link, password, or discount code, this information is HERE ! ♡ What is the secret shop? ♡ The secret shop is a cute,little password protected section of my online store where Patreon members can purchase past club rewards, or sometimes exclusive preorders! It keeps things fun and gives you some other incentives to stay in the club, even if you want to just be in the $2 tier! ♡ How often do you update the secret shop? ♡ I havent updated or rather restocked my pin club in abit ( > x < ), and rewards from previous months go on the pin club shop the month after! Designs from past club themes are usually limited, though. due to space constrictions along with me wantingto keep designs rare & exclusive ♥ (there's over 30 designs made for the pin club alone - I'd need a whole nother shelf!) But due to so many requests, I decided to restock popular club pin designs ONLY ♥

♡ Member Responsibilities

♡ Member Rules + Responsibilites ♡

As a member, you are responsible for the following: Making sure your address is up to date, and correct! You can edit your address if you are moving or would like to change the location by going HERE ! If your address is left blank, your package will not be shipped at all! If your address is incorrect I will not be able to send you a replacement package, and a refund will not be given as I have already paid for your shipping, done the labour to pack your order, and sent items out that cost me money to create! Sorry! Making sure your payment goes though! On the 1st - 5th, Patreon will automatically charge your payment and you will receive a receipt for any patreons you have paid for! If your payment gets declined you have the opportunity to update your payment by following these steps! Making sure you are in the right tier! You can change your tier at any time by going here or by going under your 'my memberships' and switching! You must be in the correct tier to receive the rewards! Keep it respectful & cute! Keep it positive in the club when interacting with posts and other members! We're all here to have fun, and I do my best to keep everyone happy! Any rude behavior, comments, or harassment will be met with a perma ban from the club!

♡ Contact

♡ If you have any other questions or need to get in touch with me, please contact my email only!

Please DO NOT send me messages via patreon Messager. Patreon messaging system is not reliable, or organized. This means your messages will get lost eventually and I won't be able to search for them to reply! It's a huge pain in the butt, so sending an email or using my contact form is the best way to get the help you deserve! Contact Email: chenxira@yahoo.com You can also use this contact form: https://www.chenxira.com/c-o-n-t-a-c-t

♡ Codes, Offers & Inventory

♡ Codes, Offers & Inventory

♡ Only one code may be used per order. ♡ Codes cannot be applied to orders retroactively. ♡ Please keep in mind that it is possible for items in your cart to sell out. ♡ Advertised deals and iventory are "whil supplies last"

♡ Order Combination

♡ Order Combination

I am unable to combine pin club and shop orders due to order volume. If you place multiple orders, they will be shipped out seperately.

♡ Refund/Cancellation Policy ♡

♡ Refund/Cancellation Policy ♡

Refunds or cancellations will not be issued for ANY reason. Patrons are solely responsible for managing, canceling, and/or renewing their own monthly pledges -- and thus we are not liable for charges taken if patrons forget to remove said pledge. If you need to cancel your membership, make sure that you completely unsubscribe before the 1st of the month to avoid being charged. Any issues with billing or unauthorized charges must be taken up with Patreon customer support directly. Chenxira ( me ) do not have control over Patreon’s billing system, including how and/or when their processor attempts to bill your account. Thank you for understanding! ♡