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All illustrations. prints and products are by artist guillmon9005.

Chenxira is an artist owned independent brand. Everything is designed, illustrated,

managed and fulfilled by Mina (that's me!). 


I enjoy illustrating cute girls, handsome guys, witches, ninjas, mermaids & more!

I am a huge fan of cute, pastel colors , along with rich and vivid tones as well.

I have 3 different art styles + I am a pro 2D animator & enjoy creating my own gifs

One of my main focuses in illustration is to have POC [ people of color ] representation.

As a huge anime fan, Their was rarely any [ Non offensive ] representations of POC's

within anime so I decided to fulfill my lifelong dream and became

an illustrator + animator to change that

If you'd like to check out some of my completed projects &

wips ( works in progress ) click right here


This store is run by one person and sometimes when it is busy it can take about a week or two just to get through all of the orders. Please be patient with me ♥, you will receive a shipment notification as soon as it's on its way! As well as any updates pertaining to the delay of your order.  

♡ All items / purchases are final sale ♡

By buying from Chenxira you are supporting a small business and independent artist who is

dedicated to creating super sweet POC representation which is awesome because this world

needs more people that care and more art and cuteness!

All orders are shipped from Albany, NY