Commission Prices & Guidelines

The commission guidelines below are a requirements, and must be read

before any and all commission purchases are made.

o .。.:*☆Commission Types Available☆*: .。. o
♡ digital commissions ♡
• ICON •


•  WAIST UP  •


♡ traditional commissions ♡

watercolor • archival ink

• gouache • 




6 X 9 • 8 X 10 • 9 X 12

♡ guidelines ♡

• I will draw people, original characters, nature, light machinery, romance, animals, items & misc object.

• I will not draw adult/hentai < sorry! > hate art, or anything I deem negative. 

• I reserved the right to post the finished artwork on social media/portfolios

unless asked not too.

[ Please leave me your instagram ID tag within email ]

< I do not claim any rights to your original characters >

All postings or additions to my portfolio will be credited to rightful owners.


• I reserve the right to deny any commission request.

• Unless discussed, commission are for personal, non commercial use only.

• You will receive the commission in high res 300dpi by email.

♡ commission info ♡

• Icon commissions will be designed at 1080 x 1080 dpi.

[ personal commissions only ]


All commissions are entitled to 2 alterations only.

( Alteration: Meaning the redrawing and or redesign of an illustration )


A $15 fee is charged for any illustration changes, per alteration for a commission.

[ this fee amount is for personal commissions only ]

It does not apply to

commercial commissions

♡ commission order process ♡ 


After purchasing your commission in my shop, please send all needed information

to guillmon9005@yahoodotcom with the following info:

♡ Subject of email: 

♡ Commission Type:
Icon . Portrait . Waist up or Fullbody
♡ References:

Attach all references & info needed for character and to background design to email.

• Be sure to leave any additional comments or requests within the guidelines or your commission order.

• Be sure to state that you have thoroughly read my commission terms and conditions with the email

Thank you


♡ workload ♡

Due to the nature of me

taking both digital and traditional

commissions, I tend to receive

quite a few commission 

requests. For example: During the

month of July I received 35 commissions!

25 digital & 10 traditional.

With such a demand + wanting to create

high quality illustrations I need time to create them. With this understanding,

if and when you do order commissions,

please be patient with me, thank you ♡

♡ pricing ♡

I reserved the right to change my commission pricing.

[ both personal & commercial ]

​At any time without notice.

However, if you have ordered a commission, the price you have already

paid is guaranteed.

♡ payment ♡

Payment will be through my shop only.

checks, money orders & partial payments are not excepted.

♡ refunds ♡

• I am only able to refund the

full amount if:

 ♡ I have not started sketching; If I have not shown you a sketch of your commission.

If I have shown you a sketch of your commission & you are not happy with it, I am able to refund 50% of it.

completed commission are

not refundable

♡ commercial commissions requests ♡

* Commission prices below do not apply to commercial inquiries.

* All commissions unless discussed are classified as personal commissions.

Please use the form here to inquire

about commercially used/created illustrations.

♡ Any questions? Please feel free to include them within the

contact form.

♡ thank you ♡​


♡ commission definitions ♡

• personal commissions •

♡ A personal commission is an art commission used for personal use only which would include,

social media icons, art decor for your website,

[ you must credit me as the artist with using it personally ]

social media platform banners, a personal print for room decor.

Personal commissions cannot be used on products or any item that will be,

created, redistributed and or sold to make any profit. 

♡ commercial commissions ♡

♡ A commercial commission is an art commission used for commercial purposes.

It is tailored to the exact needs of the individual/company. Commercial art uses a variety of

platforms such as any and all product illustrations, websites / business logos,

manga/book/magazine pages, app illustrations, etc.

Commercial commissions are given exclusive copyright &

intellectual rights to its user.

Commercial commission illustrations can be used on any product(s)

or any item that you create, redistribute and or sell to make a profit. 

♡ By commissioning me you accept & agree to all terms & conditions above. If you do not agree to these ♡

terms and conditions, you may not access or otherwise commission me.

.。.:*☆Digital Commissions☆*: .。. 
.。.:*☆Digital Commissions☆*: .。.