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KMGz new release date!

Heu guys! kmgz has a brand new release date! Which will be the spring of 2024! 🌸

I was tried super hard to release it this November, but there were a few doozies that happened during the remaking of the magazine that will sadly delay it. So I decided that It would be best to just release the whole thing in the spring of 2024.

One of the biggest reasons for the delay was that my original interviewee suddenly canceled on me. Long story short she cancelled on me at the last minute! ( > x < )!

Anywho! I wanted to take a moment to show off my new & offfical kmgz mascot: Camilla!

🌸Meet our super cute mascot Camilla!

♡ age: 24

♡ birthdate: 3/26

♡ nationality: American

♡ bloodtype: o+

♡ height: 5'7 / 173.74

♡ likes: glaze donuts, rasberries, black cats + curry chicken

♡ dislikes: dirty hands, pudding, centipedes + worms

Mini bio ♡ Camilla is a super cute lady who loves cute fashion and adores black cats. She enjoys cooking/baking and self care. She can be very shy but she can see through someones bad intentions towards her in a second! Her best friend it Hanako from Japan.

Camilla will be the official model on the cover of KMGz and I cant wait to show her to you all this coming spring! Thank you so much for your support and patience guys 💕

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Nov 28, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Im sad that the magazine has been delayed but you also cant rush a masterpiece! And Camilla is SO CUTE! I adore her so much!! ♥😍

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