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KMGz will be returning this fall!🎉

Hurray! The long awaited fashion & lifestyle magazine that I created and started in 2018 will finally return with a brand new copy this coming fall! Back in 2018 I unfortunately had to put all KMGz magazine projects on hiatus due to my magazine printing manufacturer changing hands in business as well as being way over priced. But now that I have found and worked with a reliable printing company that I trust, a new beginning for KMGz will begin! Hence our big magazine release coming this fall! ( => w <= )✨💕

Currently, I am looking for following below and if you are interested, please send all serious inquires to my email here.

The following I am looking for are:

✔ fashion models ( completed / inquires are closed )

- Interested in alternative, kawaii fashions. Has experience taking photos, both professional and independent. Can showcase photo work. ( Instagram profile + more )


- Cosplayers, kawaii fashion business owners, alternative fashion models, etc. Their will be a thorough conversation about your experiences and more in the interview feature!

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