Parappa the Rapper ♥ You Gotta Believe!

This cute little rappin pup will have you believing in yourself in an instant! ♥ Cast away every ounce of self doubt and embrace this adorable, confidence enhancing pin today!

P A R A P P A   G A M E   T R I V I A  🎤  What character in Parappa the Rapper 2 makes this quote?: 
" And so were smooth with a groove so new i wish everybody had the same point of view! Meet me at the corner, pick you up @ 7. Wear your best dress and ill take you to heaven " ♥

A) Beard Burgers Master
B) Sunny Funny
C) Chop Chop Master Onion
D) Colonel Noodle

N O T E ♥  exclusive sticker comes with pin order ♥

S I Z E ★ 
This is 2 x 2 inches 

S H I P P I N G ★ 
This cutie will be shipped with a custom paper backing and sealed in plastic protection. 
Envelope will have cardboard backing for non bending protection ♥



Parappa the Rapper 🎤 Pin