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♡ Returns & Refunds

• Order Cancellation

Order cancellations may be determined on a case by case basis and I reserve the right to deny any exchange requests. Please note that there is a 10% processing and restocking fee charged for all cancelled orders. During major shop updates (ex: holiday sales or public drops), we do not accept ANY order cancellations.

• Return ♡ Exchange policy

All sales on Chenxira are final! I do not accept returns or exchanges. All item descriptions, sizes, and details are made clear on the listings, so make sure to read them over before making your purchase!

• Return to Sender Orders

For returned orders, Customer may choose to have the order reshipped (Customer is responsible for reshipment fees), or may choose to have the order refunded minus original shipping costs & the 10% restocking fee.

♡ Wholesale

• Wholesale Offers

Unfortunately, I do not offer any designs I create for my shop or pin club for wholesale but If you would like to commission me to create a pin design for you to sell that can be discussed. Be sure to check out my commission terms and conditions so that you an understand how to commission me

♡ Commissions

• Commissions

Please refer to my art website ( https://www.guillmon9005.net/ ) for all information refering to commissioning me for work.

♡ Damaged Order

• Order Damaged or Incorrect Upon Arrival

If an item from your order arrived in a damaged state, or you received the wrong item, I will be happy to look into it and help! To ensure accurate and speedy assistance on the issue, please complete the following steps: • Take at least one photo of the item, clearly showing the damage/wrong item received. Make sure the photograph is well-lit. If the photo is grainy or dark, I may ask for a new photo. • Send the photo(s) to our customer service inbox in the contact section, and include your full name, order number, and written description of the issue. Once I read your e-mail, I will then work with you on a resolution, whether it be a refund, replacement, or instructions on how to easily fix the problem (ex: bent pinbacks). In some instances, I may require that the Customer sends us back the defective or incorrect item. If this is requested, Customer will not be responsible for any costs associated with the exchange or reshipment.

♡ Contact me

• No DMs

PLEASE DO NOT DM ME ON IG OR FACEBOOK. If your trying to get in contact with me about your order or wish to send an inquiry about a product or commission, please use my contact form ( https://www.chenxira.com/c-o-n-t-a-c-t ) to contact me and I will reply as soon as possible.

♡ General Questions

• Combinding Orders

Due to the volume of orders I receive on a regular basis, I am not able to combine the shipping of orders that were placed separately. Similarly, I am not able to combine orders placed through my online shop with monthly Chenxira pin club shipments.

• Address Changes

I am only able to change an order's shipping address if the shipping label has not yet been printed. Once the label has been printed & the automated shipping confirmation email has gone out, I cannot reroute the order. Customer must wait until the order bounces back to my address, then I can take the next steps to help you.

• Lost Orders ♡ Stuck in Transit

If your orders tracking has not updated and is stuck "In Transit"... U.S. customers - please wait at least 4 weeks from the time of the last tracking update before contacting us. Packages often get stuck, ( especially with the current C0\/1D times ) but eventually work their way back into the delivery cycle. If it has been 4 weeks without delivery, please contact me so that I may look into it for you. International (non-U.S.) customers - it is very common for tracking to rarely update, or even update at all, once your package reaches the International Sorting Facility in New York. Please do not be alarmed if your tracking does not update for many weeks at a time. We do not consider international packages to be lost until at least 3 to 4 full months have gone by since the shipment date. If it has been 3 months without delivery, please contact us so that we may look into it for you. We always recommend reaching out to your local post office to see if they have any information regarding your package!

• Estimated Transit & Delivery Times


All orders from our shop ship via USPS.
Domestic orders (within the United States) typically take between 2 to 15 days to be delivered. International orders (outside of the United States) typically take between 5 to 15 weeks to be delivered. Due to anticipated high volume of orders, please allow up to 4 weeks from order placement date for your to ship. Although it is highly unlikely it will take this long to prepare and ship your order, I like to put up a disclaimer for transpareny. With the nonsense of the plandemic, there is always the above time to be a possibility. I will happily provide order status updates if requested via email~ ♡ I am very sorry for the delays and ask for your patience and understanding in this situation. Thank you for your patience and understanding under these exceptional conditions.

• Quick note about Pin Grading

Pin grading is subjective and varies from maker to maker. Since enamel pins are handmade items, they rarely, if ever, will appear 'perfect'. Ive kept this in mind while creating my grading scale! * Here is a grading chart that Ive created for anyone to check out on how I grade my pins * I will always do my best to send out the best pins available! ♡ If there is a major issue, please send photos and an explanation of your problem with the contact form on my site so I can help.

• Discount Codes

Unfortunately, discount codes cannot be applied retroactively. ♡ Only one code may be used per order. ♡ Please keep in mind that it is possible for items in your cart to be sold out. ♡ Advertised deals and inventory are "while supplies last"

• Lost Orders ♡ Marked as Delivered

Once we hand something off to the United States Postal Service ( USPS ) for shipping, what happens is completely out of our hands - especially after the package has been marked as “Delivered”.
Your local post office will always be most qualified to help you locate your Delivered package in these situations, but we also have some tips that have helped customers locate their packages in the past:

1♡ Wait a couple of days to see if the package shows up -- USPS may sometimes prematurely label packages as "Delivered" when in actuality, they are still sitting at the post office or mail truck waiting to be delivered the next business day.

2♡ If a few days have passed and you are still unsure of your package's whereabouts, please call your nearest, local post office to make sure that your package is not being held there. The workers may be able to talk directly with the mail carriers to see if the carrier remember dropping the package off at your address. Sometimes there are also comments left in their records of where the package was placed. If you contact your regional/local post office (instead of the national USPS customer service hotline), they are usually able to look up the exact GPS location of where your package was dropped off.

3♡ Try asking your neighbors to see if something got mixed up or was delivered to the wrong door.

4♡ If you live with others, double-check everyone else in the household to make sure they didn't bring your package inside and/or open it up for you.

5♡ Check all areas of your property -- could it have gotten swept away or blown somewhere nearby? Be sure to check your yard, front/back door, porch, bushes, etc.

6♡ If you are still unable to locate your package and believe that it was lost or stolen after its delivery, you will need to file a missing mail search request directly with USPS: https://www.usps.com/help/missing-mail.htm Please contact us if you are in need of specific shipment details to aid in a mail search request.

• International Customs

My shop is not responsible for any customs, fees, VAT, taxes, or import duties associated with outgoing orders. The recipient of the package is responsible for paying any and all charges incurred upon arrival. Please contact your local customs office for more information.

• Anti-Harassment Policy & Right to Refuse Service

I have the right to refuse service to any Customer who exhibits harmful, racial, rude, or manipulative behavior to my shop or helpers over e-mail, messaging, or etc. In this event, any outstanding orders associated with Customer will be cancelled and a ban will be implemented. This applies to both shop and pin club platforms.

• Order Processing Times

IMPORTANT ♡ ESTIMATED PROCESSING & PACKING TIME FOR HOLIDAY ORDERS IS ANYWHERE BETWEEN 1 TO 8 WEEKS. DEPENDING ON ORDER VOLUME, YOUR ORDER MAY NOT BE PACKED FOR SEVERAL WEEKS. THIS SHOP IS SOLELY MANAGED BY ONE PERSON. Due to the volume of holiday orders it may take me longer to complete tasks. PLEASE ALLOW SEVERAL DAYS FOR ME TO REPLY TO ANY EMAIL INQUIRIES, THANK YOU. Order processing times (the time it takes to pack and ship out your order) typically fall between 7 to 15 business days.

During major shop updates, processing times have historically extended to 6 - 8 weeks, as all order fulfillment is solely handled by one person!

• Restocked Pins

Though I will of course do my best to remake all pins as they were in the past. I do not guarantee that they will be and look exactly as before due to using different enamel pin makers.

• Shipping Costs

Shipping costs vary from size and weight. All shipment pricing, both US & International includes a small shipment aesthetics charge. This small fee is for super cute imagery and stickers that decorate your packaging ♡

• Lost Order ♡ Lost or Stolen

If there are any problems with your tracking at all, please be sure to contact your local post office! ♡ Unfortuntely, I am not responsible for packages once they are in the hands of the post office. I also do not have the time to call post locations for you, especially if the locations are outside of the US. ♡ If calling your local post office and the tracking number do not help you, Fell free to email me and I will open an investigation on your package!

♡ Privacy

• Information collected about you

The information that is collected about all website traffic to my website is based off of numbers as a whole and not individuals, so you and your personal information as a simple browser on my website is kept anoymous. Personal Info NOT collected while browsing is as follows: Your name Your address IP Address [ Your wifi or internet routers number ] Specific model of electronic device used while browsing [ Samsung 10, Apple 5, etc ] Current Location [ I see your getting that deluxe burger @ Five Guys right now!! Mmm! ] Wix [ my current eccomerce platfrom ] does for their analytic traffic by showing the number of people as a whole who have visited my website, where people are from, specifically what country you live in, What device my website was viewed on the most [ Whether is was, PC, mobile or Tablet ] and most popular products clicked on along with most clicked on menu links. My website has SSL Certificate Encryption, so if and when you do submit info or even purchase some goodies, your information is encrypted and protected. ♥

• Information collected for purchases

When you purchase product(s) from my website a physical address is needed in order for me to ship you your goods [ Unless you purchase a digital product, no address is needed ]. The info that is collected for digital purchases are as follows: Your name Your Phone Number Method of payment Your residing country When purchasing goodies from chenxira the following information will be collected about you, that you yourself give to me. It is as follows: Your name Your address Your residing country Your phone number Your email An optional note to me [ avaliable at checkout ] The item(s) that you purchased The time of purchase Method of payment [ As in Paypal or Credit card NOT your card number or account info ] If and when you decided to become a member of my website. You decide on what info you would like to add to your particular account. That info and ALL information you submit to me website [ yes, even at checkout ] is protected by SSL Ceritificate encrytpion. So no one can decode or access your info, not even me! The following information is NOT collected about you: IP Address [ The address of your specific router used for wifi ] Your device model [ Apple 6 or Samsung S5, That info is not collected at all ] Mobile Data carrier [ Sprint, Boost, AT&T, etc ] Current Location [ Only your delivery address, not the Starbucks your waiting in right now ] With the personal information that is provided to me from you, I will never sell, bid, share or redistribute that info ever.

♡ Pin Grading

• Standard/A Grade ♡ Pins

Though I feel my pin manu(s) have done amazing jobs when making pins for me, the highest quality of pin that I offer is free of major imperfections, but may exhibit the following *minor* imperfections: • Superficial marks or scratches on metal or enamel surface • Superficial specks, dots, or bubbles on enamel • Slightly low or uneven fills • Imperfections on the back or side of pin • Slight darker flecks of glitter and/or small specks of stray glitter (on glitter pins) • Slightly misaligned screenprinting (on screenprinted pins) • Other superficial imperfections that are only visible upon very close-up inspection and/or from looking at the pin under certain lighting or from a specific angle. • Slight changes in shade(s) of pantone coloring ( Colors a slightly lighter or darker ) ♥ If you have any more questions please dont hesitate to reach out to me using the contact page above.

• Second/B Grade ♡ Pins

Seconds pins have one or multiple defects exhibited below: • Noticeable smudges and/or staining on the metal or enamel surface • Oxidization of the metal • Noticeable and/or deep scratches that span across the metal and/or enamel • Very low fills in larger or visually important areas • Slightly loose posts/backings • Though I feel my manu does a BOMB job at making my pins look amazing! I do not offer Perfect/Collector's Grade pins, sorry! ( => x <= )

• Pin Remakes & Restocks

Its always nice to restock and remake my most popular enamel pin designs. Even though I try my best to make sure that my pin manufacturers make the best product and ensuring high quality. I cannot control if the same exact methods will be used to create the same product from the past ( i.e make the pin exactly the same from before ). My pin manufacturers ( both new and old ) have different techniques and even different pantone colors and more when creating pins. The pin manufacturers who made my enamel pins from 2017 - 2019 are no longer the same or in use. Hence I can not guarantee that the pins will turn out exactly the same from the past. Please also understand that enamel pins are handmade products, and will never be Collectors Grade and "perfect". Thank you guys for your understanding ♡

♡ EU ♡ UK & International Customers

• Note to all EU ♡ UK & International customers

To our UK ♡ EU customers: As of July 1 2021, all outgoing orders will have to owed VAT and/or a service fee, no matter the value. This VAT will have to be paid once your order reaches your country's customs facility. There is a chance that an additional service fee may also be charged. These fees are determined by destination country - please check with your country's customs office to determine what your additional costs will be prior to buying. Please note that these recent changes to VAT may also affect your package's holding time in customs. EU and UK customers - please anticipate an additional 1- 2 weeks for your package to be held, in addition to our standard 4 to 12 weeks of shipping & transit time. ♡ International customers, please remember that when ordering from our shop, import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. Any charges incurred are the customer's responsibility, and must be remitted to the customs office in order for the package to be claimed. Please be sure to claim any packages as soon as possible and pay any associated customs fees, otherwise the order may be returned to us!
If we receive a returned package that is marked as Unclaimed or Rejected from customs, we can either: 1♡ Have you repay the original shipping costs and ship your package out again, or; 2♡ Refund your order, minus a 10% restocking fee + the original shipping costs.