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• Where do you ship from? 
I ship all packages from Menands NY, USA♥
• Where is my order? 
As stated in the about page, chenxira is a single person run shop and depending on the number of orders I get and what not it can take about a week or 2 just to get through all the orders.
For example: Last year for the holidays my shop received over 80+ orders. With me being alone to ensure quality, my cute aesthetics & making sure the orders are correct takes time. If there are any complications of any sort pertaining to your order, you will be informed immediately.
I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please email me for any further questions and I will try my best to help you out!
As always thank you dearly for your patience. Your goodies will be with you soon! Please feel free to contact me anytime about the status of your order ♥  ( O w < )
• I preordered goods but haven't gotten them yet? 
If you have preordered an item and haven't gotten it yet, it usually takes about a month for enamel pins and about 2 weeks for tees. If it happens to take longer then anticipated, you will be immediately informed via email or phone call. I suggest all my customers/followers to follow me on Instagram for all updates on the matter of preorders.
For Example: I ordered about 3 enamel pin designs from a manufacturer I had worked with for some time. About 2 weeks had pasted after I paid for my pins and I had not gotten any answers or reply's from them.
Long Story short I waited over 3 months to get my pins from them. If a situation like that were to happen to me again ( which i HOPE never does! ) I will be keeping you informed about all changes pertaining to the matter.
• How much is your shipping? 
Shipping is calculated at the time of checkout. Depending on your country and what you have ordered the price will vary.

You can see the cost of shipping by adding everything you want to your cart and going through the process. It will show you the total cost before asking for any payment.

• I ordered a digital commission and didnt get it in my email? 
Sorry about the trouble! ( > x < )! Sometimes when I send customers there digital copy of there commission it goes to there spam. Be sure to check your spam for " chenxira or guillmon9005 " content.
If you can't find it or even feel you accidentally deleted it just contact me via email and ill send you another ♥
• My goods were damaged when I received them. . . ( > x < )!!!!
Oh no! I am soo very sorry about your goodies being damaged ( Q ~ Q ) If your goods have been damaged please contact me via email asap. Please provide the following:
• 2 - 6 pictures of your damaged goods. Specifically where and what has been damaged
• Your order number
• Your address
Providing these above is essential to not only receiving  a refund ( if requested ) but also opening + expediting me re-sending you a replacement for your damaged goods. I apologize dearly for all inconveniences, If we work together we can get everything fixed soon! ♥
• Where are your terms & conditions for your commissions? 
My terms & conditions for all commissions are on my artist website H E R E . PLEASE read my terms thoroughly. There not that long at all plus it informs you about all aspects of commissioning me along with all pricing. Thank you ♥
• How do I join your pin + art club?
My pin + art club is maintained on Patreon and with that you first have to make an account ( If you dont have one already )
On the right side of the page you will see the tier section. Click the "Join " button below it to join the club ♥ Its US or International based so pick the one based off of where you live ♥
My pin club charges its initial fee upfront & then at the beginning of each month if you stay
PLEASE be sure to read how my pin club works before you join! It will answer how its works how the payment system will take place & more ♥
Click H E R E to join my pin + art club ♥ All pins & postcard designs are exclusive to pin club members FIRST and I also have a shop dedicated to past club pins as well ♥ 
Do you except international orders? 
Yes I do! I ship worldwide ♥ All shipping prices have already been configured. If you would like to see how much shipping is before you buy. Add an item(s) to your cart and then click " Checkout " To see how much your total order would be before purchasing ♥
My Package isnt here? What do i do? 

A:  Please contact your local post office first! I provide tracking on all domestic orders, so please follow the progress there! Most likely there was a hiccup in the provided address or for some reason the post is holding onto it. If a package is returned to me due to an incorrect address, I can resend it as long as a shipping fee is covered. Here is the reshipment fee you need ♥

• If I order in stock items along with preorder items, will they be all shipped together at the same time? 
For all orders i usually ship them out all at once! Due to shipping costs. Just be sure to add a note to your order so I can be sure to send a little extra surprise to your order ♥ Thanks for your patience ♥
• Do you sell your original paintings? 
Yes I do sell my original paintings! ♥ Simply go to the "SHOP" section of my website and purchase the painting that your heart desires ♥ If its not there, swing me an email to see if its available. Thanks ♥
When do you usually ship packages? 

I usually send out packages on Wednesdays,  Thursdays & Fridays. All packages are sent via USPS Flat Rate. Both domestic & international.

I do not ship packages out on Major Holidays.
•  How long until my order arrives?  
I ship from Menands, New York. International orders do not have tracking, and typically take 2-12 weeks to arrive.
USA Residents: 3 to 8 days
Canada Residents: Typically 5 to 12 days

Overseas/International: 2 - 12 weeks

N O T E ♥ USPS is pretty good at getting international orders to there destinations at a timely fashion so far. My average international, non north american shipments have gotten to their new homes in about 8 - 10 days. 

N O T E ♥ If you live in a country with unreliable shipping/postal services please contact me using the form above and ill add a shipping option with tracking so you have a better chance of getting your order ♥
• What is your return/exchange policy? 

I currently do not offer any returns.

All sales are final.
I do offer refunds/exchanges if I, the owner am the cause of a mishap or mistake. Please be sure to read the product descriptions & sizing guidelines carefully before making your purchase ♥ If their are any issues with your order please dont hesitate to contact me via form above ♥

My package has been lost! What do I do now ? 

Oh no! ( Q ~ Q ) Im so very sorry your package has been lost or stolen! I apologize greatly for that! I am not responsible for lost of stolen packages.

Im so sorry again! Please reorder if you'd like to receive your goodies again if they are in stock.
• Can you please mark my order as a "gift" for customs and put the value as $15 USD?
I completely understand the issue of international customs fees but @ chenxira my policy is to always be accurate and honest. Lying about value within customs is a serious offense + it puts me at risks of incurring fines and worse.
Custom fees, Duties & Taxes are already covered within my international shipping fee, so theirs really no need to ask for this. 
I accidentally added the wrong address and the tracking info says "returning to sender" What now?

Oh goodness! ( Q ~ Q ) With issues like these, the only thing that can be done is wait until I receive your item and then
( if you still desire the goodies ) you have to pay my reshipment fee to re-receive your item. During the checkout please be sure to enter your correct address so this hiccup wont happen again! ( > x < ) 
Pertaining to returning packages, USPS doesn't see them as a priority since the original shipping cost and postage went to sending the package out to you. So returning it to me can take a few days to a few weeks or months. For example: I had a customer that entered an old address and it took about 1 month for me to receive the returning package ( Q ~ Q )
Again ♥ Please make sure your address is correct during checkout so all can be as right as rain ♥
Will sold out designs be restocked?

Mostly all of my merchandise designs are limited releases, meaning they are not restocked once sold out! I prefer to keep designs limited so they can remain unique and exclusive. Be sure to follow me on my
Instagram so you can always see my new designs and snag them before their sold out!
Do you do combined Shipping?

No. I do not do combined shipping. Combined shipping is entirely to time consuming. Nowadays with the amount of orders I receive it is just too much. I hope you can understand this, thank you ♥
How do you price your international

When it comes to how I price international 
shipping it included all taxes, fees & duties that have to be paid in order for you to get your goods ♥ Each country/province has their own unique tax laws & regulations to receive and hence my shipping is curated to take care of them.
What I find unfortunate is that alot of independent business owners like myself do not or have not added the cost of taxes, fees, and duties for international shipping. They end up taking a financial hit due to having to pay those fees without charging the customer correctly & after a long run end up in a financial deficit because they're shipping isn't correct. ( Q ~ Q )
Will you be attending any con?

I sure will be! Be sure to check out my events page to see all cons/events I will be attending. Hope to see you their! O v <
Do you offer wholesale?

Unfortunately, I do not offer any designs I create for my shop for wholesale BUT If you would like to commission me to create a pin design for you to sell that can be discussed.
Be sure to check out my commission terms and conditions so that you an understand how to commission me ♥
• What if I want to refund my pin/cancel my order?

You have 1 business day upon purchasing to cancel as orders are usually packed the day after they were placed. Otherwise we do not refund orders.
• I sent you a DM on Instagram and you havent repied back yet. . .(¬_¬ )

PLEASE DO NOT DM ME ON IG. If your trying  to get in contact with me about your order or send an inquiry, please use the form above to contact me and I will reply as soon as possible.